LXTCH- Lexington Technology, Inc.

Lexington Technology is the premier cyber-security firm in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Region.

Lexington operates at the nexus of Law and Technology. We are in the trenches where law and technology intersect. Government regulation of cyberspace is growing exponentially. The lawyers and technologists at LXTCH can guide your executive staff through these labyrinthine regulations, protecting you, your company and your clients from civil fines & civil lawsuits while also protecting your company from the denizens of the dark web. We keep trains running, elevators lifting and courthouses open. We have worked with US Cyber-Command, the US house of Representatives and Mass transit organizations to keep our critical infrastructure safe.

We work in subway tunnels and the Halls of Congress, executive suites and data centers. Lexington has served as an adviser to the United States House of Representatives on internal Cyber-Security issues and our executives have provided testimony to the both the US House and Senate on Mass Transit and Cyber-Security issues facing the Country.

Philadelphia’s critical infrastructure relies upon Lexington for cyber-security.  Shouldn’t you?

Lexington Technology – Where law and technology intersect.